Vim Cheat Sheet

For a long time, I ran away from Vim because it seemed very tricky and because there is a lot of simpler editors out there to work with. However, as it comes installed in most Linux distributions, I made this cheat sheet to help me understand how things work.

Secure GitHub credentials with KWallet

Hi and welcome to my blog! KWallet is a KDE Plasma tool to store any credentials and secrets safely. It has an interface called KWallet Manager that allows to manage credentials and secrets easily. In this quick tutorial, I’ll show how to configure your KDE to store your GitHub credentials in KWallet.

Sort Linux partitions correctly

Hi and welcome to my blog! Here goes a quick tip on how to properly sort partitions number in Linux. Let’s think that we had a disk /dev/sda with 4 partitions: /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 /dev/sda3 /dev/sda4 Now, if we have to repartition our disk and delete /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda3 to make /dev/sda1 larger, occasionally you will end up with /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda4 when it should be only /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2.

Run Debian in Windows 10 with WSL 2

Hello and welcome to my blog. We use Windows in our workstations at my current job (it was not my choice 🙊), but there is a lot of tasks that are easier to do in a Linux environment. Some days ago I needed to manipulate a huge CSV and just thought: “This would be a lot simple with cat, grep, sort, etc.

Convert OVA to QCOW2

Hello! In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to convert OVA file to a QCOW2. A few days ago I have to install Windows in a virtual environment to test some stuff. Then, I found that Microsoft provides some test images officially at https://developer.