This is the hardest part of publishing a site. 😄

I’ve criated this blog to be used as a documentation for my day to day learning and to retribute just a little that what I’ve learned reading many articles and tutorials over the years.

Regarding my career, I entered the IT field very late, but I am always studying to expand my field.

In 2017, a while after graduating in Computer Science, I was approved for a public job in IT area. I am currently working there.

The good thing is that, as the team is very small, we do a little bit of everything. Infrastructure, development, security. I know it’s not ideal, but doing what, that’s what we have! 😅

I am currently dedicating myself to learning Python and JavaScript for real. I’ve been reading a lot about Docker too.

Anyway, I’m passionate about Linux and Open Source, Heavy Metal and soccer.